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Updated: May 8

Cassia and Dana on the Public Dock on Mayne Island

The April 16-17 weekend was special...

Keiver had made the trip to the West Coast from Calgary, while Preston and his wife Daria were visiting from the USA.

Preston's parents, Paul and Tami, are long-time friends. Dana met Tami when the kids were in preschool, and we'd often get together to play cards, go camping, or hang out at their 'farm' in Alberta's Foothills.

Dana was super excited to have Keiver and friends for the Easter weekend, so I surprised

Cassia Tremblay on Harbour Air, flying from Mayne Island to Vancouver

Dana by flying Cassia from Castlegar for 1 night. Cassia left Castlegar at about noon and arrived at the Vancouver airport at 2 ish, and then took the airport shuttle to the South Terminal, where she boarded a float plane to come to Mayne Island.

Dana was wondering why I was acting weird and was on my phone all day,

but I was secretly chatting with Cassia to make sure her trip was going according to plan and, and planning a meeting with baby Alpacas, but that's for another blog.

Flying from Mayne Island to Vancouver on Harbour Air

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