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About Us



We're the Tremblays, and we're happy to bring you along our journey.

After years of searching for the right place, we purchased a

1-acre parcel on Mayne Island, where we'll build a cabin...


It' going to be our "family legacy project."

It's also going to be a Bed and Breakfast, scheduled to open in 2023.

Located about halfway between Vancouver and Victoria, Mayne Island is

small island with approximately 1,000 full-time residents, plus “weekenders” that

live on and off the island throughout the year. It's accessible by boat, via BC Ferries or by float plane.

We call it The Grove.


The Grove is a sunny, forested, gently sloping 1-acre property. It currently has two older bunkies (insulated sheds with beds and other furniture) that are used as sleeping quarters, while an old camping trailer provides a sitting and cooking area. There’s a deck overlooking the property, where we sip coffee and afternoon cocktails, while hypnotized by the ocean’s shimmering lights visible through the trees.

Right now, it’s rustic!

We use a “compost toilet”, there is no indoor plumbing, although we do have a well and fresh water, and an open-air shower with hot water on-demand.

There’s lots to do and explore on the island, from great hiking trails,

to beaches, a museum, the lighthouse, Japanese Gardens, a disk golf course,

a café and bakery, bookstore, farm stands, artist studios,

a couple of grocery stores and a few restaurants.

We'll happily share it with friends and family, so let us know

if you're interested in exploring The Grove and Mayne Island!

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