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A perfect little community

Updated: Jan 7

It started off as an innocent idea we called “Adventure Saturdays” when we moved to Vancouver Island in 2016. Every Saturday, we’d hop in the car and explore a new corner of this magnificent region of Canada; even after being frequent visitors and homeowners here for years, there was still so much to explore.

For those of you who know Marc, real estate has been a passionate hobby for years. He loves exploring different areas and assessing properties looking for just the right place, at the right time and for whatever our intent may be.

As adventure Saturdays multiplied, sometimes on Sundays, we spent lots of time exploring the Gulfs Islands, which led us to ponder “what if” possibilities of owning our own small island paradise.

One December day in 2020, while on Pender Island for the weekend, we visited a vacant lot that was dark and shaded. As I looked over Navy Channel, I noticed the sun bouncing off Gallagher Bay on Mayne island. I said to Marc “there, I want land there.” And because the universe works beautifully, Marc already knew of a great lot that was for sale by owner, and soon “The Grove” was launched.

Thinking back on those early days of owning this little slice of heaven, I was seeking both peace and space in equal measure; a place to just be. What has been the greatest gift in the most wondrous of ways, is simply what this place offers above all else: community.

Welcome to Mayne Island

Our corner of Gallagher Bay has provided us with remarkable humans as neighbours. These folks have become some of our dearest friends. We often remind ourselves how lucky we are to have landed in the perfect place.

Even just around town, the abundance of friendly conversations we’ve had the privilege to have with so many unique folks has been truly magical. There have been previous blogs about major community champions like Adam and Amy from The 44, Josh from Give Pizza Chance, or Michael and Annette from the Mayne Island Brewery Company. We plan more blogs about others in the future.

Bonfire at the Grove on Mayne Island

Where Mayne really shines and has captured our hearts, is the beautiful and plentiful small interactions with so many others that elevate Mayne Island to a very special place. The chats at the coffee wagon while in line just taking the time to engage with fellow Islanders, getting to know the Home Hardware folks by their first name, and waving at all who pass us while driving around. That one is my favourite. :)

So, thank You Mayne Islanders. Thank you for being stewards of Goodness and for welcoming so many.

“Little Hell” is a pretty heavenly place to be.

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