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Get Groved in!

Updated: May 8

We took possession of The Grove February 14, 2021. As luck would have it, a thick carpet of snow fell the night before, but that wasn't going to stop us from making the trek to Mayne Island.

Mayne Island with a snow blanket

We were deliriously happy that we took possession on this wonderful property - we felt a celebration was in order. Again, as luck would have it, we had purchased a bottle of Nanaimo Bar Cream Liquor because we had heard it was delicious, so we cracked it open. We found glasses that came with the property, filled them with snow and voilà, The Grove celebration drink was created!

Now, when family and friends visit The Grove for the first time, it requires a ceremony...

Getting Groved-in involves a shot of Nanaimo Bar Cream Liquor and eating a "Cro-nut", a cross between a donut and a croissant, from Sunny Mayne Bakery.

It's akin to getting Screeched-in in Newfoundland, except the liquor is delicious and you don't have to kiss a fish.

Come visit!

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